What is the Difference Between a Variable and Fixed Electricity Plan?

Living in a deregulated energy market means you can freely choose whathever energy company you like. You can also go for the kind of pricing that suits your needs and preferences. Two of the most common electricity pricing plans are variable rate and flexible rate plans. Determining the right type of electricity plan for your home or business shouldn’t be a daunting or confusing task. Learn their differences below to help you make an informed decision. Variable Electricity Plan As the term denotes, variable electricity rates may vary from month to month depending on the market conditions. And because the […]

Quick and Easy Ways to Conserve Electricity

Conserving electricity doesn’t only save you heaps of money. It also reduces your impact to the environment. Global warming is upon us, unfortunately. Nevertheless, saving energy doesn’t have to be such an inconvenient pursuit. Check out these quick and easy ways to get you started on energy conservation: Unplug and switch off We’re sometimes lazy to unplug electronics when not in use even if it just usually takes a few seconds to do so. Note that most appliances continue to discreetly slurp energy juice even when they’re switched off. Choose energy efficient lights Do you truly need blinding lights in […]

Electrical Safety Tips For Your Home

Did you know that electrical mishaps are the #1 cause of home fires every year? But it doesn’t have to come to that if you make electrical safety a priority in your house. Worry no more. Here are some of the best electrical safety tips to help keep your family protected from possible electrical accidents and fires: Replace old wiring If you live in an old house, around 40+ years, your home most probably still uses black rubber wiring, which is totally outdated and unsafe. If so, then it has to be replaced and upgraded right away. Rubber electrical wiring […]

Electricity Savings – How to Save on Electric Bills

Do you constantly dread that ridiculously high electricity bill every month? If so, well, electric bills are going nowhere but up unless you do something about your energy consumption. Fret not because you don’t need a major lifestyle change and sacrifice comfort to save energy and some serious $$$. Check out and apply these quick and easy electricity savings tips, tricks and hacks: Unplug unused gadgets Stating the obvious here. But sometimes we need a little nudge to be reminded that those chargers and all sorts of electronics have to be unplugged when not in use. Seemingly harmless, these energy […]

Electrical Safety Tips and Hazards for Kids

We always teach our kids about not entertaining strangers and being alert when outside the home because of the accidents that may transpire. Unfortunately, most of us miss the fact that mishaps can also occur inside the house, particularly due to electrical incidents. The Dangers of Electricity Did you know that electrocution causes about 400 deaths each year? On the other hand, an estimated number of 4,400 are injured due to electric shock. The age distribution is bimodal. Usually, the initial incident transpires in early childhood and the second in young adult. Deaths caused by electrocution in adults are often […]

Factors to Consider Before Selecting Electrical Contractors

Dabbling with electrical repair issues is a risky task, even lethal, for most of them are amateurs. As the sage saying goes, it’s better to be safe than sorry. So don’t be embarrassed or hesitate to seek an electrician’s expertise for even the smallest electrical work. But before you hire just any technician, here are a few factors you need to keep in mind before choosing electrical contractors: Get endorsements and referrals Ask your friends and network for recommended electricians. Inquire about the electrical contractor’s skill, courtesy, quality of work, professionalism and overall performance. Were there any problems that occurred […]

Basic Electricity Saving Tips

There are basic electric saving methods that you can do at home. These can help you slash as much as $500 to thousands of dollars a year. Of course, the saving will depend on various factors including the size of your home. By doing these methods, you are guaranteed that you can live comfortably without going beyond your electric budget. Turn down your thermostat. If you have a mid-sized home, reducing your room temperature by 1oC can actually save you as much as $100 a year. So rather than turning that temperature high to keep you comfortable while wearing light […]

When to Replace an Electrical Panel

Electrical panels provide a central place for controlling how electricity is distributed in a building. The panel comprises of components such as circuit breakers and fuses, rated according to the power requirements of the consumer. The devices provide protection against overloads and other electrical faults, hence ensuring safety. If the load demands too much power, beyond the installed capacity, the circuit breaker trip and disconnect the electricity so as to protect the overloading and possible overheating of the conductors. The older electrical panels were rated at capacity of about 30 or 60 A, and these were adequate for most installations. […]

Challenges of Purchasing some Electrical Equipment from Online Suppliers

Buying electrical equipment such as generators, boilers, furnaces and other specialized equipment from an online supplier is sometimes cheaper than from a local electrical supplies store. The online-only seller has fewer expenses compared to a physical electrical store with a storefront.  Prices in a physical store include running expenses such as rent, staff, storage, support and other costs the online-only seller does not incur. Because online retailers have less overhead, this makes buying products directly from some online shops less costly and more appealing to the customer. However, when the consumers bypass the local electrical supplies stores, they are likely […]

How to Use Electrical Energy Efficiently

How to Use Electrical Energy Efficiently Increasing energy efficiency allows consumers to perform their activities using less energy. The reduced energy use helps consumers to save on electricity costs while causing less damage to the environment. And the savings do not have to affect production, or reduce the operations that rely on electricity; instead, it involves reducing wastage and increasing efficiency. An industrial, commercial or residential consumer can save electricity through better energy management.  The energy management involves identifying how energy is used, and then optimizing this for maximum efficiency. Some of the things a consumer can do include changing […]