unsafe electrical panels

The Risks of Using Unsafe Electrical Panels

Unsafe electrical panels can lead to accidents, so knowing the right time of repair or replacement should be prioritized. Do you remember the last time you upgraded or repaired the home’s electrical panels? Most homeowners don’t consider it to be a problem as long as everything is going fine. It’s a grave mistake because old and damaged service panels can lead to serious accidents. Newly installed ones can be problematic, too, if they are not correctly rated with the electrical system. What Are Electrical Panels? These are the heartbeat of your home’s power system. Their job is to supply power […]

moon electricity

Could Moon Electricity Be the Wave of the Future?

Moon electricity is one of the many things we may want to consider as we try to rely more on obtaining energy through natural resources. While solar, wind and biodiesel power may all be significant in changing the way energy powers our cars and houses in the future, they present obstacles in large scale energy production. Moon electricity may be a viable solution to these issues. This article will look at moon electricity, how it works, and why it may be a great energy source for the future. How Moon Electricity Works? The moon has a constant pull on the […]

under cabinet lighting options

Under Cabinet Lighting Options for Your Home

Under cabinet lighting are a great modern lighting option for illuminating a workspace or add to the ambient light of a place. They can bring dramatic change to the ambiance of a room as well as cast directional light in a particular area. The under cabinet lighting options are mainly used in the kitchen as the place needs both task and ambient lighting. These lights are typically installed beneath cabinets and shelves. So, you’ll find them inside or underneath the kitchen cabinets and in bookcases as an alternative to picture lights. Under Cabinet Lighting Options There are many kinds of […]

fixed electricity plans

Why you should consider a Fixed Electricity Plan

A fixed electricity plan allows the consumers to lock their rates for a specific time. During this period, the rate per unit of energy used is the same regardless of the wholesale electricity prices or market rates. This provides security and peace of mind since the consumer knows what bill to expect — having the advantage of maintaining a low rate when the wholesale prices go higher. However, the user may pay higher rates when wholesale prices come down. Are there savings in fixed rate electricity plans? Whether you are going to save in the long term or not is […]

Electrical Transformer

What is an Electrical Transformer?

Temperature, climate and altitude all need to be taken in account in how an electrical transformer operates. Electricity travels across the country at very high voltages. A power line can be rated anywhere from 400,000 to 750,000 volts. Yet most household appliances don’t need anywhere near that much power. An electrical transformer takes the electricity and transforms it so that it can be used in our homes and businesses. An electrical transformer works on the very basic fact of electricity creating a magnetic field while it flows through the wire. If a second wire is put next to the first […]


All You Need to Know About Ballasts

If you are an electrician, or a do it yourself homeowner, chances are you’ve heard of electrical supplies called ballasts. Ballasts are necessary for a fluorescent or HID light source. They ensure the lamp stays lit by managing the distribution of energy throughout the fixture. There are different types available. Read on to find out more and which kinds might be best suited for your home improvement venture. Ballasts adjust according to the conditions imposed on it to suit your lighting needs. It can vary the amount of energy coming through the light for a dimming effect. There are also […]

Electric Panel

Electrical Panel Upgrades: Do You Need One?

Your electric panel is one of the most important items in your home. Everything in your house that requires even the smallest bit of electricity draws power from your electrical panel. With that being said, you obviously want to keep your electrical panel in good condition. Unfortunately, most people don’t know much about their electrical panels. People often ask themselves, “How new should my electrical panel be? When will it need an upgrade? What are the signs that I have a bad electrical panel”? Faulty electrical panels are surprisingly common, especially in older homes. If your home was built before […]

Wireless Range Extender

How Does Wireless Range Extender Work?

A wireless repeater, also known as a wireless range extender, performs the function of routing signals from one point to another. It picks up signals from a wireless access point or router and redistributes them to create a second network. Wireless range extender for wireless routers is an excellent option for overcoming the limitations of wireless coverage in a large building or space. The Uses of Wireless Range Extender The broadcasting strength of a router depends on distance and various environmental interferences such as microwaves, a physical obstacle that impedes the line of sight, metal appliances, etc. So, the broadcast signals […]

Wire Duct

Several Kinds of Wire Duct Accessories and Fittings

A wire duct is a cable and wire management product that routes and hides electrical wiring in control panels. It allows for easy pulling, organization, and separation of cables. Most wire ducts come with slots on the side panels for adding, removing, and rerouting of cables. Depending on their designs and sizes, you can choose between an adhesive mounting and drilling for installation. A full range of wire duct fittings, bends, and junctions are available in the market. Bends range from 90° to 11.25° angles, and different companies can supply custom angles on request. Similarly, junctions are available in various […]

Weatherproof Electric Box

Weatherproof Electric Box: Uses and Types

A weatherproof electric box provides safe installation and operation for different electrical products in wet or damp locations. They are mainly used for accommodating data jacks, electrical outlets, and mounting cameras on the exterior of a building. Sometimes, they come with a weatherproof box cover, which is useful for housing data cables or extension cords that are hooked up temporarily for outdoor use. Weatherproof Electric Box: Uses The boxes with their covers are ideal for protecting electrical wiring in corrosive and harsh environments. They are suitable for outdoor installation and high-traffic areas where safety precautions and durability are a must. […]