A Look into the Evolution of Industrial Ethernet Connector

The use of Ethernet network has grown in popularity in the industrial applications over the last couple of years. It has already been popular in commercial applications such as home and office environments. However, its unique ability to fulfill faster communication needs and overcome environmental challenges have made it the network of choice in demanding industrial environments. With the increased use of the network system in industrial applications, the Ethernet connectors have also undergone certain changes in design. An industrial Ethernet connector functions as a bridge between the cables that carry data and devices that receive and communicate information. Changes […]

The Types and Applications of Various ENT Conduit Fittings

Made of PVC, the ENT is a flexible, nonmetallic raceway that is used for rigid nonmetallic conduit. It is lightweight, robust, concrete-tight, and resilient to particular conditions. So, you can either bury it directly or install in fire-rated interior walls and concrete slabs. It is also easy to pull cables and wires through the ENT tubing. ENT conduit fittings are used with ENT pipes in a variety of applications. They facilitate quick, durable concrete-tight installations. The fittings are available in all ENT sizes and transition needs. Their applications are versatile, ranging from linking gaps between ENT tubing and EMT tubing […]

Advanced Light Control Systems

If you are looking into types of lighting systems for your business, you may want to consider an advanced lighting control system.  Advanced lighting control systems feature control capabilities, energy tracking and demand response. Dimmable light (LED, fluorescent, metal halide) and motion/daylight sensors are used. They offer many benefits to a business including reduced energy costs. Read on to find out more about these systems and how they can be beneficial to you. Some features an advanced lighting control system may have include a Graphic User Interphase (GUI) and a control system that lets you know the status of every […]

What type of HVAC system to do I need?

HVAC stands for Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning, and if you are looking for a HVAC system, there are some fundamentals you should know before shopping. This way, you can figure out which model is best suited for your needs and what you can do to get the most out of your system. Read on to find out more about HVAC systems for your business.   There are four HVAC system types. These include: Heating and Air Conditioning Split System: These are the classic types of systems which have components inside and outside of the building. These will have an […]

Profitability in Prefabrication

Prefabrication is the practice of assembling components of a structure or an entire structure before it reaches the construction site where it will be located. Prefabrication is usually done in a factory or on a manufacturing site. The concept of prefab was often seen as something negative when it came to electrical work since it seemed limited to certain types of jobs and many contractors thought it took their work away. However, in modern times, prefabrication is becoming more and more popular. Let’s take a look at the process of prefabrication and how it can work in modern technologies. Prefabrication […]

2017 NEC Code Changes – Stay Up To Date For Safe Electrical Installations

The most widely used technical document in the world is NFPA 70, which is commonly termed as NEC and stands for National Electrical Code. Since its first publication of 1897, it has undergone several revisions to date, 2017 NEC being the latest. It states the electrical supply and safe electrical installation rules to prevent hazardous incidents. The 2017 NEC Code Changes In an effort to protect workers and properties, several changes have been introduced in NEC 2017. The electrical supply stores, electrical supply houses, and electrical online suppliers must know these provisions for expanded protection. Let’s have a look at the summary of these rules that specifically address […]

Do I Need An Electrical Panel Upgrade?

Electricity is so accessible and automatic in our daily lives that we often take it for granted. Aside from the usual basic electrical safety precautions, you also have to know when it’s time to replace your home’s electrical panel. Take cues from the following symptoms below to determine whether or not you need to call a licensed electrician to get an electrical panel upgrade: Defective wiring Faulty wiring is one of the top causes of house fires in the US, making it an obvious reason why you should upgrade your electrical panel. Though there will be signs of wear and […]

What is the Difference Between a Variable and Fixed Electricity Plan?

Living in a deregulated energy market means you can freely choose whathever energy company you like. You can also go for the kind of pricing that suits your needs and preferences. Two of the most common electricity pricing plans are variable rate and flexible rate plans. Determining the right type of electricity plan for your home or business shouldn’t be a daunting or confusing task. Learn their differences below to help you make an informed decision. Variable Electricity Plan As the term denotes, variable electricity rates may vary from month to month depending on the market conditions. And because the […]

Quick and Easy Ways to Conserve Electricity

Conserving electricity doesn’t only save you heaps of money. It also reduces your impact to the environment. Global warming is upon us, unfortunately. Nevertheless, saving energy doesn’t have to be such an inconvenient pursuit. Check out these quick and easy ways to get you started on energy conservation: Unplug and switch off We’re sometimes lazy to unplug electronics when not in use even if it just usually takes a few seconds to do so. Note that most appliances continue to discreetly slurp energy juice even when they’re switched off. Choose energy efficient lights Do you truly need blinding lights in […]

Electrical Safety Tips For Your Home

Did you know that electrical mishaps are the #1 cause of home fires every year? But it doesn’t have to come to that if you make electrical safety a priority in your house. Worry no more. Here are some of the best electrical safety tips to help keep your family protected from possible electrical accidents and fires: Replace old wiring If you live in an old house, around 40+ years, your home most probably still uses black rubber wiring, which is totally outdated and unsafe. If so, then it has to be replaced and upgraded right away. Rubber electrical wiring […]