Factors to Consider Before Selecting Electrical Contractors

Selecting electrical contractors should be carefully done to ensure that you won’t have to face serious problems due to problematic wirings and other technical issues.

Dabbling with electrical repair issues is a risky task, even lethal, for most of them are amateurs. As the sage saying goes, it’s better to be safe than sorry. So don’t be embarrassed or hesitate to seek an electrician’s expertise for even the smallest electrical work.

Selecting Electrical Contractors

Tips on Selecting Electrical Contractors

But before you hire just any technician, here are a few factors you need to keep in mind before selecting electrical contractors:

Get endorsements and referrals

Ask your friends and network for recommended electricians. Inquire about the electrical contractor’s skill, courtesy, quality of work, professionalism and overall performance. Were there any problems that occurred post-job? You can also lookup contractors servicing your area online. Be sure to check recent reviews and contact a few.

Ask for references

A good electrician won’t think twice to provide you with testimonials from previous customers if you request them. Reluctance in this department is a red flag. You may also want to verify the electrical contractor’s BBB rating and if it had any past complaints or bad reviews.

Check license copy

A little caveat: Not all electricians that advertise and do electrical work are licensed, particularly on minor jobs. Thus, you want to look for someone properly trained and licensed. Make sure the electrical contractor holds a valid license in the state in which the project will be done.

Look for insurance

Ensure that the technician has liability insurance so they are covered in case of a mishap while on the job. Devoid of proper insurance, you could be accountable for any trouble that may arise like electrical fire or injury.

Selecting Electrical Contractors

Get a guarantee

Expert electrical contractors should be able to guarantee their work and must be willing to resolve any justifiable work requests at no extra cost. This is especially true for big electrical jobs. The warranty should be a written document that explicitly states the actions that the electrician will take should an issue occur within a specific time frame.

Compare prices

Look at a number of bids or estimates to get the best value for your money. But remember that electrical jobs are not something you should extremely skimp on. Just like buying any product or service, you sometimes need to shell out a bit more if you’re aiming for quality. Also, make sure the estimations are complete and itemized so you know what and how much you’re going to be charged for. As always, have everything in writing.