Electricity Savings – How to Save on Electricity Bill

Do you constantly dread that ridiculously high electricity bill every month? If so, well, your electricity bill is going nowhere but up unless you do something about your energy consumption. Fret not because you don’t need a major lifestyle change and sacrifice comfort to save energy and some serious $$$. Check out and apply these quick and easy electricity savings tips, tricks and hacks:

Save on Electricity Bill

Electricity Bill

Unplug unused gadgets

Stating the obvious here. But sometimes we need a little nudge to be reminded that those chargers and all sorts of electronics have to be unplugged when not in use. Seemingly harmless, these energy leeches stealthily use up energy and your money. So always pull those plugs. Use power strips so you can turn off electricity for all devices in one go.

Switch lighting options

It’s the 21st century. Toss those incandescent bulbs already. Drop by your go-to electrical supply store and grab some LED lights instead. They’re not only much more energy-efficient, long-lasting and cost-saving (in the long run), but also earth-friendly. Bonus savings if you take advantage of natural daylight whenever you can.

Adjust your thermostat

A couple of degrees or more that you opt to increase your thermostat can cut down your electricity expenses by as much as 10%. Use programmable thermostat if don’t have one so you can set it to automatically change the temperature at scheduled times, such as when you’re not home.

Use cold water for laundry

Did you know that about 90% of electric used by top-loading machines is for heating water? Opting for cold water instead of hot water can surely save you some hard-earned dough. And wash full loads whenever possible. Get even more savings if you hang dry your clothes.

Electricity Bill

Turn on fans

Air-conditioning can rack up your electricity bill, especially during summer and if you live in warmer regions. Invest on fans. Pedestal and ceiling fans are cheap and let you raise your thermostat few degrees without making you sizzle in the summer heat.

Clean your heating and AC system

Make sure their filters and fans are clean and working fine. They should be cleaned once a month, ideally. But even yearly cleaning will do wonders. Same principles apply to all your appliances. They will consume less energy, last longer, and save you more bucks.