Quick and Easy Ways to Conserve Electricity

Conserve electricity today – it provides you and the nature enormous benefits that should never be taken for granted. We have effective tips on how you can do it.

Conserving electricity doesn’t only save you heaps of money. It also reduces your impact to the environment. Global warming is upon us, unfortunately. Nevertheless, saving energy doesn’t have to be such an inconvenient pursuit. Check out these quick and easy ways to get you started on energy conservation:

Conserve Electricity

Effective tips on How to Conserve Electricity

Conserve Electricity Tip 1: Unplug and switch off

We’re sometimes lazy to unplug electronics when not in use even if it just usually takes a few seconds to do so. Note that most appliances continue to discreetly slurp energy juice even when they’re switched off.

Conserve Electricity Tip 2: Choose energy efficient lights

Do you truly need blinding lights in your bathroom? Opt for 60 or 40-watt bulbs whenever possible. And use LED lights, as they consume around 75% less energy compared to those ancient and energy-sucking incandescent lights. Of course, take advantage of natural sunlight as much as you can.

Conserve Electricity Tip 3: Upgrade your appliances

If you’re buying new home electronics, ensure that you’re selecting the most energy efficient products. For instance, LED TVs are more electricity efficient than LCD ones, while plasma TVs are energy greedy. Instead of desktop PCs, switch to laptops, as the latter consumes less electricity. Also, don’t forget to check the energy label to make sure you’re purchasing an energy efficient appliance.

Conserve Electricity Tip 4: Thaw frozen foods prior to cooking

Instead of popping them in the oven to defrost and consequently waste more electricity, try defrosting them first. You can thaw frozen foods by putting them in refrigerator overnight and they should be thawed in the morning. While it might take a while to thaw, it’s going to take less time and $$$ to cook. A little meal preparation and planning should help.

Conserve Electricity

Conserve Electricity Tip 5: Let the daylight in (or not)

On a particularly bright and sunny day, open your curtains or blinds to let the warmth enter your home. However, during colder days or when the sun is out, shut them to keep the heat in. This will help you conserve energy rather than turning on the lights inside your home.

Conserve Electricity Tip 6: Wear proper attire and gear

Dress according to the temperature. Layer clothes and choose wool to keep you warm and cozy during winter, and so that you can turn your heater down. For extra coziness, slip on socks and slippers at home. And grab an additional blanket while you’re at it.