2017 NEC Code Changes for Safe Electrical Installations

2017 NEC Code provides detailed information on how electricians can execute safe electrical installation services.

The most widely used technical document in the world is NFPA 70, which is commonly termed as NEC and stands for National Electrical Code. Since its first publication of 1897, it has undergone several revisions to date, 2017 NEC being the latest. It states the electrical supply and safe electrical installation rules to prevent hazardous incidents.

2017 NEC Code

The 2017 NEC Code Changes

In an effort to protect workers and properties, several changes have been introduced in NEC 2017. The electrical supply stores, electrical supply houses, and electrical online suppliers must know these provisions for expanded protection. Let’s have a look at the summary of these rules that specifically address new technologies such as Energy Storage Systems, Large Scale Photovoltaic Power Supply Stations, Stand Alone Systems, Fixed Commercial and Industrial Process Heating Equipment and Micro-Grid Installation:

Energy Storage Systems

It covers electrical supply from the permanently installed energy storage system, be it stand-alone or interactive with other electrical production sources. You might have known that energy is stored for later consumption. This storage can be in form of batteries, capacitors or compressed air, the saved energy is converted into electricity for future use.

2017 NEC Code

Large Scale Photovoltaic Power Supply

This part instructs about the installation of large-scale PV electric supply systems. It provides with the installation rules and safety features for the systems no smaller than 5000 kW in size.

Stand Alone Systems

It covers the smaller electric power production units which are stand alone. The equipment installed in these systems must be labeled and listed. These are small alternative electric suppliers.

Fixed Commercial and Industrial Process Heating Equipment

This article provides with installation rules for industrial heating equipment. The heating equipment installed and used must be compliant with the regulations stated by NEC. The heating equipment includes boilers, duct heaters, process air heaters, or fixed electrical equipment used for the industrial heating process.

Micro-Grid Installation

Grid stations, as we know, are electric power distribution units interconnected with electric power sources and provide power where there is outside threat. This article provides rules to ensure that the system is reliable and safe enough to work in a critical situation.

Final Words about 2017 NEC Code Changes

This updated and revised 2017 edition of NEC will provide greater safety and protection to its users, be it at a personal level or market level. It is our responsibility to make sure to comply with electrical installation rules to stay safe. It is better to be safe than sorry.