Types and Uses of Electrical Faceplates

Electrical faceplates, also known as wall plates and cover plates, typically refer to a plate-like item that covers an electrical outlet or light switch. They are made of metal, plastic, or other materials.

However, faceplates can also refer to any plate designed to cover a device or computer component to either enhance the looks or increase the device’s functionality. For example, there are snap-on plates available for different types of consumer electronics items such as tabs, smartphones, handheld games, and more. Similarly, plates are also available for computer devices such as a motherboard plate will provide a secure casing around the ports.

Uses of Electrical Faceplates

Faceplates for Electrical Outlets

Most people think that electrical wall plates are just for covering a light switch or an electrical outlet. However, they have more functions and customizable in many different ways. Wall plates are available for various types of A/V and Data applications including Keystone, USB, DVI, HDMI, gang wall plates, and more. You can use them everywhere from a home theater to a conference room.

Electrical Faceplates Types and Uses

There’s a broad array of electrical faceplates in terms of combinations, shapes, and sizes. Here, we’ll discuss five types of cover plates and their applications:

Electrical Wall Plates

These are the most common type of faceplates that you’ll see in any residential and commercial buildings. You’ll find them covering your light switches or electrical sockets. However, there are a few variations as they sometimes come with a weatherproof feature to protect the outlets from cold, wet, or hot weather conditions.

Cable Entrance & Exit Wall Plates

These plates are perfect for managing bulk wall cables. They will keep a clean look as you can run more than one cable through a single hole at a time. They are suitable for managing a network or data system or for using with a home theater system.

Keystone Wall Plates

Keystone electrical faceplates are perfect if you want a single unit to hold all the cables needed for all of your data, voice, and audio-visual needs. One single wall plate can house many inserts and maximum six modules.

Audio Visual and Data Wall Plates

Having a more complex mechanism, these faceplates allows user customization so that you can have your system the way you want. Some plates also support Bluetooth function for managing audio ports wirelessly. They are commonly used in bigger places such a hotel rooms and other commercial applications.

Uses of Electrical Faceplates

Surface Mount Boxes

Ideal for voice/data and network system, these devices come in a variety of styles. You can customize them to fit your specific requirements.

Decorative Electrical Wall Plates

Faceplates are used not only for functional purposes but also for decorative purposes sometimes. A number of manufacturers produce decorative faceplates for light switches that add the perfect accent to any room. You can find a broad range of decorative wall plates in exotic designs and are made of materials like ceramic, mother of pearl, colored glass, hardwood, etc.