Weatherproof Electric Box: Uses and Types

Weatherproof Electric BoxA weatherproof electric box provides safe installation and operation for different electrical products in wet or damp locations. They are mainly used for accommodating data jacks, electrical outlets, and mounting cameras on the exterior of a building. Sometimes, they come with a weatherproof box cover, which is useful for housing data cables or extension cords that are hooked up temporarily for outdoor use.

Weatherproof Electric Box: Uses

The boxes with their covers are ideal for protecting electrical wiring in corrosive and harsh environments. They are suitable for outdoor installation and high-traffic areas where safety precautions and durability are a must. Check out some of the fields where these boxes are used:

Alternative Energy

They are widely used in the field of alternative energy for containing electrical and electrical components. They are typically made of polycarbonate, which is highly suitable for these types of applications.


The electronic components in seawater environments or at the port need proper protection from the hostile conditions. The weatherproof boxes are the right choice for them.


Similarly, the devices are the reliable options for the smooth functioning of electrical wiring and other products in water and wastewater processing industries.

Oil and Gas

The non-metallic boxes are typically used in these industries for a broad range of mounting and customization applications.


The manufacturers produce NEMA-rated weatherproof boxes for different types of communications solutions.

Weatherproof Electric Box: Types

Many manufacturers provide weatherproof boxes for a wide array of applications. Most of them have their own lines. Check a brief discussion on Mulberry weatherproof boxes and covers:

Single and Three Gang Boxes

Made with heavy-duty die-cast aluminum and finished with thick powder coating, these boxes are compatible with damp and wet locations in both indoors and outdoors. They come with two close-up plugs, ground screw, and may or may not have attached swivel lugs.

Three gang boxes are slightly larger than the single gang type. There are also 2- and 4-gang boxes available in the market.

One and Two Gang Deep Boxes

All of these boxes come with two close-up plugs, detachable lugs, and self-tapping ground screw. They are made with die-cast aluminum and suitable for wet and damp indoor and outdoor applications. The only difference lies in their dimensions as the two gang boxes are slightly larger than the one gang type.

Weatherproof Electric BoxTwo Gang Lug Boxes

With 4.5 x 4.5 x 2.0 inches dimensions, these boxes can be used with all standard FS, lampholder, outlet, and splice box covers. They feature a ground screw, two close-up plugs, and datable lugs.

Box Extensions

The fit all types of boxes and come with gasket and mounting screws.

Flanged Style Takeoff Extensions

Featuring mounting screws, gaskets, and two close-up plugs, they allow take-off in maximum four directions for outlets, switches, or lighting.

Besides, the manufacturer produces different types of weatherproof electric box covers such as die-cast aluminum in-use, 1-gang self-closing, vertical self-closing, rectangular, blank, toggle switch, and 4-inch round covers.