How Does Wireless Range Extender Work?

A wireless repeater, also known as a wireless range extender, performs the function of routing signals from one point to another. It picks up signals from a wireless access point or router and redistributes them to create a second network.

Wireless range extender for wireless routers is an excellent option for overcoming the limitations of wireless coverage in a large building or space.

Wireless Range Extender

The Uses of Wireless Range Extender

The broadcasting strength of a router depends on distance and various environmental interferences such as microwaves, a physical obstacle that impedes the line of sight, metal appliances, etc. So, the broadcast signals from a router can lose their strength because of such interferences or long distance.

Sometimes, moving the router to a central position or adding another wireless access point can improve the situation but you’ll need a wireless range extender if these things don’t work. It can strengthen the signal from a router and redirect it to a greater distance.

So, a wireless repeater comes handy when:

  • There’s much interference in the area
  • The place has no wireless hotspot
  • The distance between the computer or other receiving devices and the wireless router or access point is huge
  • When an area has multiple networks, hubs, or computers

However, the repeaters have their drawbacks too. Using such devices extends the signal transmission path from a router to the repeater and then repeater to the client instead of the more direct path – from the router to client. So, they increase the wireless interference and reduce the wireless throughput by minimum 50%. Besides, you may have a hard time configuring them if you don’t have any prior experience.

How Do Wireless Range Extender for Wireless Routers Work?

A Wi-Fi range extender broadens the coverage are of a Wi-Fi network. It works by catching a signal, boosting it, and then redistributing the amplified signal. One single repeater has two routers inside it. One router receives signals from a Wi-Fi network and then transfers it to the other router. The second router then rebroadcasts the boosted signals.

Wireless Range Extender

A repeater can extend the range of the coverage area by almost double. So, if you want the Wi-Fi signal to reach the farthest corners of your home or office, use a wireless repeater.

Range extenders for wireless routers are very easy to install.  All you have to do is to choose a particular location from where the repeater can receive signals from the existing wireless network. Plug the device into the power outlet, log into the interface of the repeater from your computer, and then put the login details of the existing network. After that, the repeater will connect to the network and start working.

There are weatherproof wireless range extendes that you can use outdoors such as in your yard or by the pool. All these have reliable security systems similar to Wi-Fi routers, so they are secure for your network.