Under Cabinet Lighting Options for Your Home

Under cabinet lighting are a great modern lighting option for illuminating a workspace or add to the ambient light of a place. They can bring dramatic change to the ambiance of a room as well as cast directional light in a particular area. The under cabinet lighting options are mainly used in the kitchen as the place needs both task and ambient lighting.

These lights are typically installed beneath cabinets and shelves. So, you’ll find them inside or underneath the kitchen cabinets and in bookcases as an alternative to picture lights.

Under Cabinet Lighting Options

under cabinet lighting typesThere are many kinds of under cabinet lights. However, they are mainly available in four types:

Under Cabinet Puck Lighting

They come with a wide variety of finishes in case if you want to keep the trims visible and match them to the décor of the room. You can install them underneath a flat surface either to cast light straight down and slanted in a particular direction. So, they are suitable for both task lighting and adding an ambient glow.

Remember to keep enough space between two lights to have illumination without any shadows.

Under Cabinet Strip Lighting

They are one of the most common under cabinet lighting options that are seen in the kitchen and other areas in a house. These lights are available in various lengths with both standard and low voltages. You can even have customizable option to fit into an asymmetrical shelve or irregular cabinetry. If you want to have an even light distribution on a surface such as on the kitchen countertops, the length of that area and the light fixture should be the same.

Under Cabinet Tape Lighting

These are tiny LEDs that are installed in a tape strip. You can secure the band carrying the string of lights with a peel-and-stick adhesive. They don’t take much space, so they are perfect for uneven corners and small space.

Under Cabinet Rope Lighting

They are also LEDs housed inside a plastic tubing in a row, but their diameter is a bit larger than the tape lights. You can install them under cabinets or anywhere you like because the plastic housing is flexible.

Under cabinet lighting options are available in three bulb types – fluorescent, xenon, LED. The LEDs are the most energy-efficient and have the longest lifespan. Their installation is also simple as you can install the plug-in and battery operated lights without any professional help. However, you have to call an expert electrician if they are hardware lights.