Could Moon Electricity Be the Wave of the Future?

Moon electricity is one of the many things we may want to consider as we try to rely more on obtaining energy through natural resources. While solar, wind and biodiesel power may all be significant in changing the way energy powers our cars and houses in the future, they present obstacles in large scale energy production. Moon electricity may be a viable solution to these issues. This article will look at moon electricity, how it works, and why it may be a great energy source for the future.

How Moon Electricity Works?

The moon has a constant pull on the Earth that creates high or low tides in a predictable pattern. This tidal movement is being used to power some places on the Earth already.

The moon’s gravitational pull on the tides creates kinetic energy which is carried by the water. Kinetic energy can be captured in windmills. Today, scientists are trying to create an underwater (or tidal) turbines that can effectively capture the kinetic energy from the water. The turbines are attached to a gearbox that is connected to an electrical generator. The current of the water causes the blades to spin. The electricity produced is carried to the shore through a cable. If this cable is plugged into an electrical grid, it has the ability to be distributed.

Advantages of Moon Electricity

Moon electricity has a few advantages, compared to the windmill energy that is produced on land. One of these is that they do not require land space to function. With so many people on the earth, space on land is at a premium. Underwater turbines are a great response to this problem.

Another advantage is that water is denser than air. This means that the same amount of energy can be produced underwater but at slower speeds and over less area. Moon electricity is also more predictable and dependable than the energy produced on land, due to the predictable ebb and flow of the tides.

Underwater turbines do not create any CO2 emissions. The energy production is simple and benign. Although there are some concerns that this type of energy can be harmful to sea life, no evidence has been found to prove this is the case. The blades of the turbines spin slowly to avoid chances of marine life being caught in its blades.

Underwater turbines are currently being tested all over the world. They are being studied to determine both their effect on aquatic life as well as their effectiveness as an energy alternative. So far, all testing has come back with positive results, showing that no marine life is being harmed and that the turbines are successfully providing power to a great number of commercial and residential properties. Time will tell whether or not moon electricity will be the wave of the future.