The Roles of Different Lamp Replacement Parts

Lamp replacement parts are important to fix and repair the lights. A number of manufacturers produce various lamp components for lighting design and restoration. We’ll discuss a selection of repair components and accessories that are commonly available in electrical supply stores.

Lamp Replacement Parts and Their Roles

Light fixture accessories and replacement parts are available for all types of lights – recessed, ceiling, track, job site lighting, etc. Learning about the parts and their roles will help you repair and maintain the lighting system  to keep it fully functional.

Light Converter

lamp replacement partsIt comes as a kit that has parts for converting one type of light to another. For example, a recessed light converter can convert your existing recessed lights into pendants. The kit has round metal plate, adjustable bar, socket adapter, and hardware so that you can hang the new lights in the place of the existing fixtures without any major upgrade or remodeling.


They provide heavy-duty support for large lighting fixtures, such as chandeliers, in locations where the attic is accessible or during new construction.


It helps in the cure installation of heavy lighting fixtures during new construction and remodeling projects, ideally where the attic is accessible.

Threaded Socket

You use it to replace a worn or broken socket. It is available in various types and finishes, and you have to find the one that fits your existing bulbs.

Canopy Kit

lamp replacement partsAvailable in different finishes, such as brushed nickel, oil rubbed bronze, antique brass, etc., the kit is the part from where you suspend a light fixture. You will find them in a variety of styles, too. No matter what type of lighting fixtures you have, they will seamlessly blend with the design of the lights.

The kit typically comes with a canopy, lock nut, lock washer, cap nuts, crossbar, mounting screws, and screw collar loop.

Lamp Finial

The finial does the job of securing a lampshade onto a floor or table lamp. Available in various designs and finishes. They are perfect for beautifying your task lights by adding a charming accent.