Notable Electricity Innovation for 2017

This year has so far given a lot to look forward to in the electricity sector. Several groundbreaking projects have seen the light of success, and thousands of researchers have been working on many others. The number of electricity innovation for 2017 is plenty. We’ve rounded up a few that have the possibility of becoming pioneering.

Some Noteworthy Electricity Innovation for 2017

Electricity Innovation for 2017Many people are not yet over the accomplishments of 2016 such as the levitating light bulb, tiled design solar roof, the fit-anywhere soccer field, all-direction spinning tires, and much more. We’re already halfway into this year and have witnessed the launching of many revolutionary inventions. Let’s have brief accounts on the important electricity innovation for 2017:

Pixel-by-Pixel Control of Printed Electronics

A research team at the Laboratory of Organic Electronics, Linköping University, have become able to achieve more control on the operation of printed electronics. They have used a new polymer in the printed electronic displays and transistor circuits to reduce the manufacturing cost and creating non-hazardous devices. The application of a thin layer of ferroelectric material has made it possible to control the voltage at which the display or the circuit switches change color. Now, it will be possible to determine the color changing of particular pixels.

Exceptionally Stretchable and Compressible Supercapacitors

A flexible, wearable power source is the primary element for flexible, wearable electronics. A group of scientists from the City University of Hong Kong has invented a polyelectrolyte. It can form a supercapacitor the thickness of which can be compressed 50% and length can be stretched 1,000% without reducing the capacity.

These supercapacitors can store and release a significant amount of electric energy very quickly, making them perfect power buffers in consumer electronics such as computers, digital cameras, laptops, and other devices.

Smart Street

It’s another remarkable electricity innovation for 2017. A company named Pavegen have invented interactive street tiles that can generate energy. It launched the project on June 29 on Bird Street, London. Those tiles have been installed in a less-trafficked lane to execute the futuristic concept of an energy-harvesting ‘Smart Street.’

That experimental path captures energy from the footsteps of the passersby and generates power used to lighten up the streetlights.

Wired Roads for Charging up Electric Cars

Scientists at Stanford University have invented a wireless charger that can automatically tune to a certain frequency to send power from a charging pad to a device. Those experts became able to transfer energy up to 27 inches with a 100% accuracy. Now, they believe that it will be possible to charge electric cars by installing that system on the road.


Electricity Innovation for 2017Every new invention opens new doors of opportunities and challenges as well. All of the electricity innovation for 2017 are yet to be rolled out in full scale, and it might take years to see their practical uses in our day to day life. Nevertheless, these successful projects are going to revolutionize the way we consume power in our daily life and many other sectors. They may also give other ongoing researches a breakthrough.