Review of US Electrical Services – USESI

The US Electrical Services, Inc. (USESI) is one the largest and best electrical supply stores in the United States of America. The privately owned electrical supply store comprises of 11 individual companies and 85 branches spread across different states. Being a world-class, innovative electrical supply store with thousands of unique products, USESI offers unparalleled products and services to its customers. It serves engineers, architects, electricians, contractors, homeowners, developers, institutions, industries, and others.

Although the electrical wholesaler is big, it has a decentralized structure. This allows its companies to make independent decisions and provide the right combination of products and services that meet local market needs.

Reliable and excellent electric services in the USA

The US Electrical services commitment to quality has seen it grow over the years to cover a wide range of customers. It has become a household name in the USA with its over 85 brick and mortar stores and online presence. Customers can either visit the local physical store, or use the e-commerce option to find and purchase components from anywhere.

To satisfy the diverse market, USESI continually invests in modern technologies while adding new product lines and services. This enable the company to meet the ever-changing needs of the electricians, contractors, and it’s residential, commercial and industrial customers. Currently, the electrical supply store deals with products from over 1000 manufacturers and usually has an inventory of over 300000 unique components at any time.

Additionally, the electrical supply store in each location has skilled and experienced professionals to provide the necessary support. Using the latest technologies, they are able to reach a bigger clientele base through the local and online electric supply stores. These options and good service have enabled USESI companies to have a wider reach. And consistently supply high-quality products and services at affordable prices in each of the markets they serve.

The decentralized structure and strong local presence allow local customers to conveniently access the electric supply store closest to them hence saving them transport costs and time. In addition, the local electrical supply store is better placed to understand the market requirements and products specific to that area. Customers can just pop in to see the latest products while the electricians can do the same to update themselves on new products, trends, and codes.

USESI e-commerce services

USESI has a strong online presence which also employs the latest e-commerce technologies.Hence enabling their customers to easily find and purchase products from the comfort of their homes. Also, the advanced technologies allow the consumers to search and purchase electrical products, or look for solutions while on the go using their mobile phones and tablets.

The e-commerce provides an easier and convenient means of finding products. In addition, it provides an extensive inventory that a customer can search and get results within a short time. It also provides real-time stock quantities so that contractors are sure they will get all their supplies in one trip without having to wait or look for them elsewhere.

Other advantages of using the USESI online stores include fast ordering process hence saving on cost and time.

US Electrical Services and Products offering

The USESI electrical supply stores serve the commercial, industrial, institutional and residential customers. Its broad line of products range from wiring components to automation and power generation equipment. The particular products include power generators, automatic control and data communication systems. They also supply components for solar power, wiring, lamps, lighting fixtures, tools, switchgear, and more.


Usesi has  a wide variety of professionals to provides services such as consultancy, repair, maintenance, project management, upgrades, energy audits and more. As such all the US Electrical Services companies and stores have the capacity in terms of products, services, and professionals to meet all customer’s needs. And this makes it a one-stop shop that supports all types of customers ranging from individuals and businesses to electrical contractors and retailers.


USESI delivery trucks racking solutions

Some USESI companies provide services such as Rola-Case van racking and storage solutions. This allows the contractors and retailers to organize their delivery vans and trucks, hence minimize the time they spend looking for items.


Electrical supply store promotional days

US Electrical Services, through its many companies, holds regular market or promotional days. The company use these to create awareness or educate the public and consumers about new products and capabilities. The electrical supply store usually sells the promotional items at a discount.

Providing safety and energy-saving tips

The USESI electrical supply store provides friendly services to individuals, businesses, electricians, contractors, and developers. In addition to products, they have consulting and training services to educate and enlighten the customers on new products; while enhancing safety and energy savings among its existing and potential customers.

Towards achieving energy savings, the electrical supply store provides energy audits services that help the customers to identify and replace or upgrade inefficient systems. Additionally, USESI provides a variety of energy-saving products such as lighting, controls and equipment upgrades that can help the customers to reduce their power consumption and bills.

USESI Electricity generation solutions

The US electrical services have a wide range of power generators including the solar, fossil and thermal based models. The products have a wide range of ratings and features to cater for small and large enterprise customer’s needs. They also provide upgrades, spares, and maintenance for almost all the common brands and models.


The US Electrical Services provides wholesale and retail of electrical products and tools. Their customers include retailers, contractors, commercial, industrial, and residential customers across several states in the USA.

With a highly trained and experienced staff, the USESI electrical supply stores provide the right, market specific electrical products and solutions to their customers regardless of the size or complexity of the project. This ranges from new construction projects such as office towers, warehouses, and public places, to residential installations, maintenance, and upgrades of all types of electrical systems.