Should You Buy Surplus Electronic Parts?

If you purchase electronics often, you may have considered the possibility of buying surplus electronic parts. Surplus parts are left over items due to an excess of production. Contrary to what some may think, these parts are usually brand new. In some cases, they may be parts for older models that are no longer sold. This article will examine whether or not is a good idea to buy surplus electronic parts.

Pros of Buying Surplus Electronic Parts

pros of buying surplus electronic partsLower Price: The biggest advantage to buying surplus electronic parts is the price. Because these items are not in high demand, they tend to be sold at a reduced price.

Finding a Gem: For those who deal with rare or vintage electronic devices, buying surplus may be their only choice. If you need a rare part for an item that is no longer being manufactured, the surplus market may be your only option.

You Could Get a Real Bargain: Many customers think of surplus electronic parts as low quality items that couldn’t be sold on the market by the manufacturer. However, this is not necessarily the case. Surplus items can be a great substitution for a high end gadget that may be newly launched and unaffordable. This could result in considerable customer savings.

Cons for Buying Surplus Electronic Parts

cons of buying surplus electronic partsLimited Selection: Because these parts are hard to come by, you may not have much of a choice when you do find the item you are looking for. You will be limited to the components the store is able to purchase making it difficult to find every value and size that would be available when the item is sold in new condition.

No Manufacturer’s Warranty: When you buy surplus, you will not get a manufacturer’s warranty. Sometimes that’s because the manufacturer is no longer in business. The seller may take the item back if it is defective, but that won’t help you if the item breaks down shortly after the purchase. You should always think of surplus items as ‘as-is’ condition. Also, consider that because surplus electronic parts tend to be older merchandise, they may have been sitting around the dealer’s warehouse for some time, possibly reducing shelf life.

Note: There are certain surplus dealers that do offer warranties. These are not manufacturer’s warranties so customers are advised to research terms before committing to a purchase.

So we see that buying surplus electronic parts can be a money saving option for those that are in the market for these items. They can also help customers when they are in need of parts that are obsolete. However, buyers should be aware of possible issues that could arise from buying an older product that does not have a manufacturer’s warranty. If you are in the market for these parts it is best to make a smart choice when purchasing by researching the reliability of the distributor and the original manufacturer through online reviews. Good luck making a smart purchase for your surplus electronic parts.