Are Reconditioned Breakers a Good Idea?

Using reconditioned electrical equipment can always be a questionable venture. However, one must understand that a reconditioned item is not always faulty. If a product is reconditioned, it should mean that it has been returned to its original specifications by trained specialists. They may also be able to improve the equipment, adding features and making improvements so that the equipment is brought up to modern safety and technical standards. But how can we be sure if this is the case? In this article, we will look at reconditioned breakers and explore the pros and cons of using these items.

Benefits of Reconditioned Breakers

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Eaton BR230 Plug-On Mount Type BR Circuit Breaker

Reconditioned breakers are beneficial as they serve to replace existing faulty equipment. It is also possible to add a new feature to the breaker that it didn’t previously have.  However, you must make sure that the process of reconditioning is done well by a certified expert.

Finding a Trusted Company for Your Reconditioned Breakers

To find a good company for your reconditioned breakers, make sure they have a history with a power breaker manufacturer, a database of all the needed information, a quality control process, a testing program per ANSI/IEEE standards and a technical training/certification program.

The reconditioning process should be done as recommended by the manufacturer using their designed parts, which could include add-ons that were developed since the purchase of the breakers. The process should include the complete disassembly of the breakers, component specific cleaning analysis, reassembly, and a final inspection and test.

About the Reconditioning Process

Different prices are available for the reconditioning of your breaker. The process can take anywhere from three days to three weeks, but the reconditioning company should be able to loan you a breaker during this time.

During the reconditioning, your breaker will not just be cleaned but also be updated with the latest technology including diagnostic capabilities. These will help gather information on your entire system to see whether it is working efficiently and not wasting energy.

Reasons to Recondition

Maintenance: Add breaker reconditioning to your regular maintenance to save you long term expenses. Just because your system hasn’t experienced outages, it doesn’t mean its operating effectively. Small maintenance measures, like the reconditioning of breakers, can prevent your equipment from breaking down over time, causing a major expense.

Legacy Hardware: Hardware constraints may dictate a need for reconditioning. Buying new breakers may not be a feasible option due to the fact that new gear may not work with size and space requirements. Rather than dealing with buying a lot of new equipment to solve the problem, reconditioned breakers can save time and money.

New Construction: In new construction, it is always recommended that new breakers are used. New construction is an investment while maintenance, like the reconditioning of breakers, is an expense. The small amount you will save is not enough to justify your need to go with reconditioned equipment.

Reconditioned breakers can save homeowners and electrical workers money in purchasing and maintenance expenses. However, only if the reconditioning is done correctly and according to standards. Make sure you are working with a certified specialist when reconditioning breakers in your home or office.