Don’t Delay an Electrical Safety Audit on Your Home

Millions of people don’t understand the importance of an electrical safety audit unless they have experienced an accident or electrical hazard. In fact, it’s human nature to turn a blind eye to the problems that are invisible. As electricity runs behind the scenes, we don’t consider it a problem unless someone gets electrocuted or there’s an electrical fire.

The older is your home, the more important it is to do an electrical safety audit. Remember that some minor issues such as occasional sparks from outlets or flickering lights might be the indication of some bigger problems. So, even if you have never run into a problem, a safety audit is due if you haven’t done it in a couple of years.

What is an Electrical Safety Audit?

It is a thorough examination of the entire electrical system of your home. A licensed electrical contractor should perform this job. The electrician will determine whether the wires, outlets, switches, and other components meet the legal safety standards defined by the National Electrical Code (NEC).

The Risks of Not Doing a Timely Audit

The electrical failure can be of two types – ground faults and arc faults. Find out what these are and the danger they pose:

Ground Faults – These are the repercussion of the incorrect grounding of an electrical system. If there’s a defect in the path, electricity will try to pass on through another path – either a wire or human body. It can lead to electrocution or fire.

Arc Faults – These happen when loose or incorrectly wired connection creates short circuits or a spark. Such perilous conditions may result in electrical shocks and fire.

When You Need It?

You can call for an electrical safety audit anytime you find out something off in the electrical system of your dwelling. Nevertheless, you must request for one when:

  •         Purchasing a home
  •         Property is older than 40 years
  •         Installing a new appliance, especially something that uses an enormous amount of electricity
  •         You have planned for a major renovation

Plus, it’s an effective way to know the energy usage of our home over the past months or whether the system and the appliances are energy efficient or not.

The Benefits

An electrical safety audit ensures the protection of an office or a residential apartment by providing accurate reports on lots of aspects. Let’s find out how an electrical contractor can safeguard your home through the audit.

  •         Identifies electrical mistakes made by previous homeowners and electricians, and give suggestions how to repair them.
  •         Finds out outdated and degraded wiring and components.
  •         Ensures that the power system in a new home is up-to-date and safe before you purchase it.
  •         Pinpoints unsafe breakers and fuses that could cause fire and allows for taking protective measures to prevent safety hazards.
  •         Confirms safe and energy-efficient operation of electrical components.
  •         Guarantees that the procedure meets the requirements for insurance risk assessment.


Faulty electrical outlets and appliances cause more than 20,000 fire incidents every year. Most of the accidents happen because of deteriorated components, damaged breakers, and overloaded outlets. The solution is to assess the risk factors through an electrical safety audit and replace all the faulty wiring, device, sockets, and fixtures with their latest versions.