When Should You Replace Your Appliances?

It is important to know as to when should you have your appliances replaced. It can be a bit expensive, especially that the newer ones are way expensive as compared to your older unit. However, there are some considerations that you need to look at. One is the amount of money that you are spending when you are having it fixed. As the appliances start to fail, repairs are often needed. Unfortunately, these do not completely fix the problem. Instead of spending a chunk of money hiring an electrician to do the repair, it would be a better move to invest on newer appliances that can surely perform better than the old one. Additionally, it also allows you to decrease your bills as newly offered ones have energy saving features.

So, how long does each of your appliances last?


A refrigerator is an important equipment inside your home as it keeps your food fresh and safe for consumption. It needs to be working perfectly, maintaining the temperature between 37 to 40 Fahrenheit. If this fails and you shrug the idea of having it replaced, then you are putting yourself in a potentially life-threatening situation – food poisoning.

A refrigerator, especially the big ones with bottom freezers and two doors, typically lasts for 15 years.


A dishwasher usually does its job for about 12 years. However, it is very affordable to replace. Some newly-released are only priced at $400. If you are someone who hates washing the dishes manually, then rather than having it fixed from time to time, start getting something that does all by itself. Additionally, modern units can be synchronized to your phone – it notifies you once it’s done. With that, you can watch the television or do other house chores until its done.


The range is powered in two ways – by gas or electricity. It typically lasts for about 15-20 years. Newer ones have two power sources, therefore, if an outage happens, you can still conveniently cook your food. Most designs also come with a range hood that has an exhaust fan that gets rid of the odor and smoke while you’re cooking.

On an average, most appliances last for 10 years, especially if they are habitually cleaned and maintained. If an appliance isn’t working the way it used to, you’ll notice a sudden spike on your bill. When this happens, you can call an electrician for an assessment if your old equipment needs a replacement.