USESI Program: Accelerated Leadership Preparation System

USESI offers the Accelerated Leadership Preparation System (ALPS), a 24-month program that offers classes derived from the practices, values, and ethics observed by the trainees. It also boasts the best managerial training programs throughout the whole electrical industry.

Exceptional leaders maintain a very important role behind an organization’s success. They are the ones who provide inspiration for their employees to succeed, as well as help increase assets, effectivity, and income. Considering these traits of a leader, it has been USESI’s goal to provide the best-in-class leadership program for all future leaders and managers of the company for them to be able to exceed the competition and develop trainees beyond the usual standards.

The Curriculum of USESI’s ALPS

Phase 1: Counter Sales

The training will focus on familiarizing yourself about electrical products, as well as developing sales and service skills, by handling the counters in front of the stores. Other areas to be developed also include:

  • Safety and equipment operation
  • Online Eclipse ERP training-USESI’s distribution software
  • On-line training on electrical theory and electrical products
  • On-line training on essential skills needed on the job
  • Knowledge of the products they sell
  • Customer interface
  • Sales ability
  • Computer skills

Phase 2: CDC / Warehouse

One of the most important departments in terms of servicing customers is the USESI’s Central Distribution Hubs (CDC). This is where the electrical products are stored and stocked until they could be sold to customers. Training focuses on an online study about the warehouses, as well as personal experience in handling its daily operations. Other areas to be developed also include:

  • Safety and equipment operation
  • Shipping/receiving
  • Picking
  • Freight claims
  • Warehouse processes
  • Product background
  • Inventory control
  • Returns
  • Cycle counts

Phase 3: Inside Sales

Relationship skills and interacting with customers are some of the most important qualities of a leader. In this training, the focus will be on developing customer service skills and learning to bid and quote jobs. Other areas to be developed also include:

  • Phone sales techniques
  • Develop job requirements
  • Joint calls with outside salespeople
  • Quotations
  • Pricing

Phase 4: Branch Audit

Every leader should know how to operate and run a USESI branch successfully. This training will focus on executing various audits and following the branch auditor’s lead.

Phase 5: Project Management

In this phase, trainees will focus on how to manage projects through intense hands-on-field training, schedules, budgets, requirements, presentations, and many more, with the help of excellent project managers. Other areas to be developed also include:

  • Project management
  • Power distribution
  • Commercial lighting

Phase 6: Purchasing

As mentioned earlier, the CDC is essential in servicing customers because this is where buyers go to see the inventories. This training will focus on understanding how purchasing and inventory levels work. Trainees will be having a hands-on experience by following experienced buyers as they tour the center. Other areas to be developed also include:

  • Purchasing metrics
  • Inventory levels
  • Supplier relations
  • Sourcing stock/nonstock material
  • Analyze suppliers based on price, quality, service, support, dependability, availability and best value

Phase 7: Headquarters

The efficiency and productivity of the back office staff such as the accountants, operations leaders, and relations experts are one of the reasons why the USESI is so successful. This training will focus on observing how the back office staff do their jobs into helping the company run as effectively as possible. Other areas to be developed also include:

  • Credit
  • Marketing
  • Human resources
  • Accounts payable
  • Accounts receivable
  • Transportation management
  • CDC Management
  • Pricing & product file management
  • Shared services group

Phase 8: Outside Sales

USESI does not only conduct its sales internally; there are also salespeople that conduct sales outside the territory to meet the customers and vendors face-to-face. In this training, trainees will be following a sales professional, build customer and vendor relationships, generate sales, negotiate and serve customers. Other areas to be developed also include:

  • Time management
  • Territory management
  • Developing relationships with customers and vendors
  • Setting sales objectives
  • Ethics and integrity
  • Evaluating sales performance
  • Communications and presentations
  • Negotiations
  • Customer service

Phase 9: Finishing School

This will be the last lesson, and it will contain everything there is to know about managing a business all by yourself. Other areas to be developed also include:

  • Market strategy
  • Market analysis
  • Competitive strategy
  • Ethics and integrity
  • Customer service
  • Understanding branch metrics and branch reports
  • Stock replenishment
  • Counter merchandising

To know more about the Leadership Program, you can visit this link.