Safeguard your Safety and Productivity with these Wiring Solutions

When it comes to electrical projects, dealing with wiring systems is an inevitability. Part of the challenge with wiring is organizing them for easy identification, aesthetics, and safety purposes. You need appropriate wiring solutions that are tailored to your needs so you can avoid these safety and productivity risks:

  • Fire hazard
  • Electric shocks
  • Mistakes during repairs
  • Time-consuming maintenance
  • Trips, falls, and other accidents
  • Wire damage and contamination
  • Messy business spaces that don’t impress clients
  • Daisy-chaining that leads to overload and blown circuits
  • Cluttered, disorganized spaces that make employees unproductive

Accessible and Reliable Wiring Solutions

United States Electrical Services Inc. (USESI) offers total packages to eliminate those risky scenarios in your home, business, or industrial spaces.

Wire Identification and Labeling Solutions



Identifying the right electrical lines is a constant challenge for electrical professionals, especially in systems with customized application. USESI’s wiring solutions include a full line of handheld tools to make each cable easy to spot and isolate.

  • label printers
  • true color wires
  • heat shrink wire markers

Installation and Maintenance Tools

Steel Reels and Pulling Eyes are essential for smooth and organized installation of complex electrical systems. USESI has handy pulling eyes and metal, wood, and reinforced plastic reels with spinning ground and casters.

Our wiring team can also guide you in selecting your range of handheld tools to bundle, relieve (from strains), ground, connect, splice, and terminate wires in your circuit. You can choose a wide assortment of items from our selection to keep your wires properly installed, safe, and organized.

  • Organizing and Protecting components like raceways, wiring ducts, hangers, and cable trays.
  • Bundling and securing  items including cable ties and support, cold shrink insulation, wire wraps, heat shrink tubing, and protectors
  • Grounding and bonding materials like exothermic connectors, grounding accessories, grounding busbars and pigtails, and welding materials
  • Strain Relief Fittings and Cord Grips as well as cable clamps, straps, and cable gland connectors
  • Wire Connectors including crimp connectors, wire terminal kits, IDC connectors, and wire ferrules
  • Lugs & Split Bolts including compression sleeves and lugs, and mechanical lugs.
  • Splicing and Termination packages like splice kits and power connection kits

Customized Wiring Preparation

The prefabrication crew can also take the burden of wire management off your shoulders with the following services so that your staff won’t have to expend time on preparatory works:

  • Wire twisting and pairing to effectively cancel EMI
  • Wire stripping with highest safety standards to ensure no damage to your copper cores
  • Wire cutting for any length, size, and configuration to suit the optimal electrical layout for your site
  • Wire respooling to maintain the integrity of your customized wire during storage and transport until they are installed

Total Wiring Solutions for Your Needs

Having a safe and organized wiring system largely depends on using high-quality components and getting top-notch wiring services like the ones above. You also need sufficient education on the appropriate solutions for your customized systems. USESI’s wiring solutions cover component selection and wiring services that are complemented with professional help from our wiring experts. That way you optimize your productivity, safety, and profitability.