6 Reasons Why You should Check Out Prefabrication Facilities

Prefabrication facilities have grown in popularity in the electrical industry in recent years. More and more electrical service contractors are enjoying the efficiency and productivity that comes from prefabrication.

U.S. Electrical Services, Inc. (USESI) offers customized prefabrication of major preparatory work for your electrical projects:

  • Pipe Bending
  • Pipe and Rod Cutting
  • Pipe and Rod Threading
  • Prepared wiring solutions
  • Strut Cutting and Assembly
  • Customized Cutting of Luminary Whips
  • Customized Cutting of Metal Clad Cables

6 Benefits of Prefabrication that Grow Your Profits Sustainably

Boost Your Team’s Productivity

Prefabrication reduces the time and effort needed to install and terminate electrical items or systems on the site. Teams receive complete preassembled elements that are ready to use. The strategy is just more effective in reducing material handling and preparation works on site.

Watch Your Required Project Budget Drop

In McGraw SmartMarket industry report, prefabrication users reported a reduction in their schedules of at least 4 weeks and a drop in their budgets by at least 6 percent. They also indicated a decrease in their site scraps and trash by at least 5 percent.

Switching to prefabrication means you either re-engineer an existing design or design and build one from scratch. Designing a system from scratch is often more convenient than reengineering someone else’s design. But there may also be cases where working on an existing one proves more profitable. A simple estimate can help you determine which prefabrication is a sound strategy for your project.

Less Work, Less Scrap, Less Regulatory Requirements

An electrical technology senior executive singled out savings in labor as a primary driver for prefabrication in the electrical industry. Having your prep work done in a prefabrication factory means your workers have less workload. They can also skip on properly segregating and disposing scraps and trash from the worksite. There is no more need for the labor-intensive site clean up after the build.

Why Do It When They Can DO the Same Thing Better, and Cheaper?

Electricians qualified for on-site fabrications are usually hard to come by and charge high fees. Engaging with a prefabrication company will usually get you similar if not better results at a lower price point. The manufacturing nature of prefabricating components makes the tasks at least 15% more affordable than site-prepared items.

Prefabrication facilities have the capacity to employ more fabrication experts and have a controlled environment suitable for higher manufacturing productivity.

Simplify Your Supply Chain Management

One more benefit of prefabrication is that it makes your supply chain much easier to manage. Having assemblies prepared in prefabrication facilities consolidates the delivery of components, which requires less coordination with suppliers. Fewer deliveries and shipments to the site reduce the volume of components that you have to handle and later dispose of. This alone saves you considerable time and capital.

Keep Your Components Safe Until The Day You Need Them

Fewer components lying around in the job site is also safer for workers and your materials. You can make your job sites more productive and hazard-free by keeping away materials until they are needed. When you fabricate on-site, this is virtually impossible. But if you have them prefabricated, facilities like USESI’s have massive warehouses for safekeeping your materials until you need them delivered.

Work with Prefabrication Facilities and Take On More Profitable Projects

Take advantage of prefabrication facilities to improve your productivity and efficiency in every project. A direct result of this enhancement is your ability to take on more work – either by engaging in a greater volume of projects in shorter periods or by accepting more complex and sophisticated ones.