Types of Strut Fittings

The Most Common Types of Strut Fittings & Accessories

The primary function of strut channels is to provide structural support of mechanical components in the building construction industry. It supports pipe systems, cable trays, and other cable management forms. You’ll see the use of stainless steel, aluminum, and fiberglass struts in timber framing, roof framing, and for the suspension of ducts, pipes, and different equipment. The Common Types of Strut Fittings and Accessories   A variety of strut fittings and accessories are used for interconnecting strut channels with each other and securing them to other tools and equipment. Let’s take a look at the most common types of fittings […]

Automation System

Familiar Starters and Contactors Types in the Automation System

Starters and contactors are used in a wide range of applications of lighting, motor control, conveyor, and pumping type programs. Providing great flexibility for AC and DC control, they are typically used in material handling equipment, machine tools, compressors, demanding automotive applications, and more. The starters and contactors available in the market are manufactured with the ability to withstand the hazardous and severe conditions of industrial and commercial markets. Most manufacturers also produce various types of add-on accessories and spare parts to help the main products offering more adaptability for different systems. What Is a Motor Starter? An electric motor […]

Wireless Routers

How to Pick up the Top Wireless Routers

A wireless router is a kind of boxed device that can distribute wireless signals to a variety of devices within a limited range. A single router can provide Internet connection to all the devices in your home such as laptops, smartphones, streaming media devices, and more. Various types of routers are available in the market, and we’ll give you a brief guideline about how to pick up the top wireless routers. What Are Wireless Routers? A wireless router is a box-like device that can perform the tasks of both a router and a wireless access point to provide a variety […]

Types of Electrical Device Boxes

A Short Discussion on Different Types of Electrical Device Boxes

Electrical device boxes are a type of instrument that houses wiring devices such as switches, outlets, or receptacles for keeping them out of sight and protect them from external abuse and tampering. You can install them in the walls or ceilings, and they accommodate wiring devices for various types of fixtures such as ceiling fans, lights, etc. Made of metal and plastic, a device box is a part of the electrical conduit or wiring system in a building. Steel stud boxes are widely used in industrial, commercial, and residential applications. Many boxes have adjustable mounting options for easy installation and […]

DC Drive System

Understanding the DC Drive System and Its Working Principle

DC drives control the speed of DC motor system by supplying voltage, and thus assist it to run at the right speed. The motor speed is directly and inversely proportional to armature voltage and field current, respectively. So, the function of a DC drive system is to influence both or either of the variables to keep the speed at the required level. Nowadays, a range of thyristor devices is used to control the speed of DC motors. DC Drive Operation The DC drive system is reliable and cost effective. They show more efficiency and precise control than AC drives in […]

Fibert Optic Adapter

A Brief Introduction to Fiber Optic Adapter and Its Types

The function of a fiber optic adapter, also known as a coupler, is to establish a connection between two fiber optic connectors used in a fiber optic cabling system. It acts as a bridge to close the gap between two similar or different types of connectors. The terms ‘coupler’ and ‘adapter’ refer to the similar device but only with a slight difference. We call the device a coupler when it connects two similar style connectors. Likewise, it’s an adapter when it links two different style connectors. Fiber Optic Adapter Types The types of fiber optic adapters are many because there’s […]

Uses of Electrical Faceplates

Types and Uses of Electrical Faceplates

Electrical faceplates, also known as wall plates and cover plates, typically refer to a plate-like item that covers an electrical outlet or light switch. They are made of metal, plastic, or other materials. However, faceplates can also refer to any plate designed to cover a device or computer component to either enhance the looks or increase the device’s functionality. For example, there are snap-on plates available for different types of consumer electronics items such as tabs, smartphones, handheld games, and more. Similarly, plates are also available for computer devices such as a motherboard plate will provide a secure casing around […]

Ethernet Connectors

A Look into the Evolution of Industrial Ethernet Connectors

Let us explain to you the improvements of industrial ethernet connectors to improve how we use the internet today. The use of Ethernet network has grown in popularity in the industrial applications over the last couple of years. It has already been popular in commercial applications such as home and office environments. However, its unique ability to fulfill faster communication needs and overcome environmental challenges have made it the network of choice in demanding industrial environments. With the increased use of the network system in industrial applications, the Ethernet connectors have also undergone certain changes in design. An industrial Ethernet […]

ENT Conduit Fittings

The Types and Applications of Various ENT Conduit Fittings

ENT conduit fittings are used with ENT pipes in a variety of applications. They facilitate quick, durable concrete-tight installations. The fittings are available in all ENT sizes and transition needs. Their applications are versatile, ranging from linking gaps between ENT tubing and EMT tubing to connecting with metal slab boxes or with rigid PVC. Made of PVC, the ENT is a flexible, nonmetallic raceway that is used for rigid nonmetallic conduit. It is lightweight, robust, concrete-tight, and resilient to particular conditions. So, you can either bury it directly or install in fire-rated interior walls and concrete slabs. It is also […]

Advanced Lighting Control Systems

Advanced Lighting Control Systems

If you are looking into types of lighting systems for your business, you may want to consider an advanced lighting control systems. What are Advanced Lighting Control Systems? Advanced lighting control systems feature control capabilities, energy tracking and demand response. Dimmable light (LED, fluorescent, metal halide) and motion/daylight sensors are used. They offer many benefits to a business including reduced energy costs. Read on to find out more about these systems and how they can be beneficial to you. Some features an advanced lighting control system may have include a Graphical User Interphase (GUI) and a control system that lets […]